IGS Internships

Veterinary Science

Project Introduction

Make a difference in animal lives with an up close and personal placement whose focus is on animal treatment, surgery and recovery. This clinics we work with generally work on both domestic and wild animals.

This opportunity will give you a chance to not only connect with animals but with people who have dedicated their lives to assisting them. They are a "different breed" and this is a great chance to find out if working with animals may be your calling or something you may want to volunteer with in the future.

The centers we work with are broken down into a diverse set of sections that all work seamlessly to provide optimal care for the animals. Reception, waiting room, laboratory, treatment room, kennels and grooming area.

The full breadth of the job duties will depend in part on the intern's interests. There may be the opportunity to assist with surgical operations to include anesthetics, surgical scrubbing, shaving, inserting catheters, and other technical procedures. Or, focus more on rehabilitation and integrating animals back into society or the wild.

Job Description

  1. Prep of animals before surgery
  2. Post-surgery care
  3. Sit-in on consultations with Veterinarians and the public
  4. Assist with laboratory specimens
  5. Rehabilitation of animals
  6. Preparation of documents for pre/post surgery
  7. Animal intake and release
  8. Data entry