IGS Internships

Rainforest Conservation

Working in collaboration with a major conservation / education group based in the verdant cloud forest of Monteverde IGS offers interns a chance for hands on rainforest protection. Located on a 32 acre reserve and adjoining the Bosque Eterno S.A., the reserve includes primary and secondary growth cloud forest with trails throughout, and is available for research and recreational use. Areas of focus include several areas of focus that reflect the complex issues faced by the Monteverde zone and around the world. All of our programs, whether they are a study abroad program, an applied research project, or community forum, reflect these areas:

  1. Water
  2. Ecotourism
  3. Conservation biology
  4. Community Health
  5. Land use and sustainable development
  6. Spanish language and culture

Your work at the site will include trail maintenance, assisting research scientists in the monitoring of native plant species, birdlife, and native mammals on the preserve. Additional duties may include assisting office staff with marketing materials and online searches, repairing facility infrastructure and providing tours for visitors.

Your host is a not-for-profit association dedicated to education, applied research, and community engagement. Founded in 1986, they have facilitated place-based, experiential learning in education, grounded in the environmental, social, economic and cultural realities of Monteverde communities, while at the same time promoting research and community development activities relevant to Monteverde. Through the participation of international students, faculty, researchers, and the local community, their programs and projects have evolved to be both locally focused and globally relevant – a unique interplay between a world community and a particular locale.

"Education for a Sustainable Future" is the core theme of all the programs on site. The philosophy is that sustainability requires consideration of environmental, social, cultural, economic, and technical factors equally. The complex and multifaceted issues faced in Monteverde and around the world call for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary study and professional practice. The cornerstone of their approach is its synergism between international study, applied research, and community engagement.