IGS Internships

Radio Broadcasting

The Project

Depending on the location we work with school, community, regional and national radio broadcast organizations. Radio broadcasting internships are a great resume booster as they demonstrate an interest and ability in social media.

Radio internships are competitive and to land one is a great first step in the industry. Your background in radio will help us place you with a station where you can learn the most relevant job skills. If you have a specific interest: sports, religion, politics, educational, community or national, we will try to find the best match based on your interests.

Job Duties

  1. Write topics
  2. Sound editing
  3. Assist on-air production
  4. Prepare interviewees
  5. Market airtime
  6. Set production
  7. Conduct on-air interviews
  8. Organize commercials
  9. Maintain sound equipment
  10. Assist station managers

With the advent of social media, radio broadcasting has expanded beyond the traditional airwaves. Work with staff members to create podcasts and upload audio to websites. With the changing face of media, this is a great opportunity to learn the latest outlets for the spoken word.