IGS Internships

Politics and Government

The Project

IGS works with a number of local political operatives eager to have you in their corner, depending on the time of year, will depend on the options available. For example, this summer, a democratic state senator in Hawaii is looking for an IGS intern to assist with his re-election campaign. In the fall we have a New Zealand City Council that needs an IGS intern to document board meetings for the local newspaper. In Fiji, there is an opportunity to live with and chronicle the daily work of a village headman. That work will translate into a series of articles about Fijian politics. In Thailand, a local television station is looking for an intern to cover local politics and assist in the production political trends and events. In Australia, a grass-roots organization needs assistance with its effort to curb illegal activities on the Great Barrier Reef inculcating illegal anchorage practices. In Washington DC, an environmentalist lobbyist group needs an intern to assist on a campaign to prevent the passage of a bill that would damage the National Forests.

Our politics and government internships are designed based on the needs and interests of the intern. As you can see, we have a wide range of contacts from school boards to state governments to environmental activist groups.

We take your Statement of Interest that you prepare and then conduct a full interview on the phone with you to discuss your vision for the type of political action or governance you are most interested in. We then present you with the options that may work for you. Many are not listed on the site but can be contacted to match them with your interest and location.

Job Duties

  1. Documenting the minutes of official meetings
  2. Assisting in a re-election campaign
  3. Writing news articles about local politics
  4. Conducting ethnographic interviews
  5. Video production
  6. Public relations
  7. Executing a marketing campaign