IGS Internships

Social Advocacy


The Project

Every year, hundreds of Nepalese children leave their poor villages in search of work, arriving in both small and large cities. Most of these children are deprived of educational and other opportunities. After coming to cities, most of them work as child laborers in restaurants, hotels, and factories. Your primary job duties at the orphanage will be:

  1. Intake of new children
  2. Preparing educational lessons
  3. Leading field trips
  4. Coordinating story time
  5. Organizing classrooms
  6. Nutritional support
  7. Counseling children

This is an opportunity to get and up close and personal look at Tibetan and Nepali culture through the eyes of the children. Extended family members may introduce you to the villages where some of these children come from. This will be an eye opening experience for you as many of these villages are off the grid subsisting in the same ways as the ancestors of the region. This is an excellent project for someone interested in cultural studies as well as child development.

The surrounding community of Boudanath is a vibrant and exciting town contrasted by Buddhist and Hindu temples and exciting cultural markets.


Availability and Requirements
Position is available year round.


Interns will stay either with a host family near to the orphanage or in a hotel. The host family offers Nepali food (three times a day) which includes rice, lentil soup, vegetable curry, meats (occasional) and pickle.

Minimum Length of Stay

4 weeks