IGS Internships

Marine Research


"Creative," "colorful," "exciting" . . . this is the feedback we continually get from our Marine Research projects. IGS is the industry leader in this area and has been placing students in high end marine projects in Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the mainland USA since the 1990's. We have run semester-long university field studies that have featured turtle research in Hawaii, reef monitoring in Fiji and Great Barrier Reef fish and coral studies in Australia. In short, you have come to the right place for marine studies!
Our projects pair the individual with university research statins, eco-tourism, aquariums, sea parks, dive shops among other organizations with the goal of creating a high quality learning experience.

We match your interest to a specific country. It is what we do best. Some examples of marine research conducted by Former IGS clients:

  • *Hawaii sea turtle study (UC Santa Barbara)
  • *Hawaii spinner dolphin population study (San Francisco State)
  • *Hawaii native cultures and marine conservation (Minnesota State University, Bemidji)
  • *Hawaiian reef teach
  • *Hawaiian aquarium
  • *Fiji reef check (reporting to UCLA)
  • *South Carolina fish population and health (Charleston, SC)
  • *Australian Great Barrier Reef ecology (Townsend University, Cairns, Australia)
  • *Whale shark study (Brisbane Australia)
  • *Thai ecotourism and effects on reef health (Phuket, Thailand)
  • *Thai dive shop marine tourism (Phuket, Thailand)

These are just some of the current projects we have. However, we have the contacts to do marine placements in this country and others not on the website. We are plugged into the gloabl marine community so please let us know your first choice for a country and we will let you know the projects available.

Job Description

  • *Study marine health
  • *Conduct fish counts
  • *Sea turtle population studies
  • *Marine ecotourism
  • *Monitor reef damage
  • *Dolphin count and study
  • *Dolphin ecotourism
  • *Whale count and study
  • *Seabird population and health
  • *Seal and sea lion behavior/health
  • *Crocodile behavior and preservation