IGS Internships

Wellington Newspaper

A short walk from the parliament (affectionately known as the "bee hive") lies New Zealand's most cutting edge political and daily newspaper. Keeping a close watch on national politics and current events, the paper reaches the far corners of both islands.

The exciting and bustling newsroom allows a firsthand glimpse of the rough and tumble world of Pacific politics and the relationship of this island nation with the larger world. Here is your chance to immerse yourself in the excitement and political maneuvering of a paper that shapes the way New Zealanders relate to both politicians and the issues of the day.

You will get the opportunity to experience journalism in a 'hands on' environment. This is not an internship where you will be delegated the task of making coffee and running errands! You will have the opportunity to be involved in news sourcing, interviewing, news writing, photography, layout, and design. This newspaper group provides a training ground for less experienced journalists and reporters.