IGS Internships


Project Introduction

Ecotourism is one of our specialties. We have placed students in top ecotourism placements from sea-kayaking to bird watching to even submarine tours! We have a knack for locating the most interesting placements in the most amazing locations. We will work one on one with you to narrow down your area of interest and place you with a highly reputable organization that matches your values. Think out of the box!

An internship in ecotourism is a great way to discover where your passions lie. These placements allow you the dual opportunity to explore your passing be it working with whales and dolphins, or working on a remote mountain pass assisting visitors on the trail. The chance to pursue this passion while at the same time learning the business side of eco tour projects is what makes this unique. Adventurous and cool as they are, eco tour companies are just that: for-profile organizations that run on a typical business model. Most of our placements allow time both in the office and the field so you have a chance to learn all aspects of the business. With the advent of social medial and the increased importance of website marketing, you will have a chance to contribute to all sides of the business.

A highlight of the internship is the opportunity to learn from the guides. These are leading environmental educators who have a talent at sharing special places. By apprenticing alongside of them, you too will learn both the ecology and history of a given place and will soon be able to share that gift with visitors.

Job Duties

  1. Assist guides in the field
  2. Share ecology and history with visitors
  3. Online marketing
  4. In-town marketing
  5. Meet and greet guests
  6. Gear preparation and organization
  7. Airport/hotel pickup and delivery

Minimum Length of Stay

Minimum 4-6 weeks