Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get information?
Fill out an on-line Information Request or just give us a call to discuss 202 557 8182. We enjoy talking to students and can cover more on the phone.

What is the application process?
Complete an online application and pay the 15.00 app fee. Dr. Adams will review your application and contact you within three days with an acceptance packet if you are approved. Once accepted, your 600.00 deposit is due within 10 days. Once received we confirm your internship $1200 is due. Your final payment is made 60 days before departure.

When should I pay the $15 dollar app fee?
You can speak with us before or after you pay the 15.00 fee. We have kept the application fee low so as to be able to give more attention to serious students so preferred help comes when a full application is submitted and application fee is paid.

Is the $15 or $600 or final payment refundable?
The 15.00 is non-refundable. The 600.00 deposit is refundable if we cannot locate the internship. Your final payment is non-refundable unless a host cancels. We have a 90%+ success rate so it is rare for us to have to return a deposit.

Can I receive college credit for my internship?
Students typically go through their own university to receive college credit. Speak with your department chair or your academic advisor. If they cannot help you then email us and we will suggest a university and contact that can help you get credit.

Do you have paid internships?
No. The majority of the fields we work in do not offer paid positions.

Do you have scholarships or financial aid?
No. But there are fundraising options. Google "student fundraising."

What is covered and not covered by your fees.
We cover internship setup, office support, in-country contact person, airport pickup. You cover transportation to the country, transportation in-country, food, return to airport, misc. expenses.

How much money should I bring with me?
Plan for spending $240 or more for food per month and up, 150.00 per month for in-country transportation (more or less depending on where you go and bus costs or if you buy a bike etc.), 100-300 for misc. spending. Some students spend less, others find a way to spend a lot more. If you want to do side trips etc. budget for that.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?
We accept credit cards online, checks by mail, or you can wire money directly to the bank. See our payment page.

Why do some placements cost more?
Right now the weak U.S. dollar means that cost of living in some locations like Australia and Europe are higher for housing and setup. In Hawaii, and places like New York and San Francisco things cost more as well.

Where does my money go?
It is a fulltime job for multiple staff members to be able to offer and maintain this many programs. Fees go to running the website/office, internship setup, in-country setup, housing costs, pre-trip reader. We do not pay internship hosts and they do not pay us.

I am an international student. Can I apply?
Yes. 30% of our students come from overseas. All of our placements accept tourist visas. We may be able to refer you to a company that sets up a J1 visa.

What type of visa do I need to come to USA or go to an international country?
Tourist visas work for all of our placements in all countries. Occassionally we will use a company that can process a J-1 or other formal visa. The visa is your responsibility but we can advise.

My school requires a certain number of hours for the internship. Can you guarantee that?
We can try to make sure the host can provide the number of hours per week that you need.

What is the start date for IGS internships and how long do they last?
IGS internships are individual placements: the start date will be based upon an agreement between you and the host organization. Generally you can choose your own dates. Internships can last anywhere from four weeks to six months (or more!), depending on your availability.

Can I work or earn money on the side when I am not doing the internship?
It is possible but you would have to locate the job site and make sure it does not interfere with your internship. We cannot assist on this.

Can I get my own studio or can I choose what type of housing (dorm, apartment, homestay, etc?)
The majority of our placements are private room in a shared house or apartment. Studios may be available but the cost will be a minimum of $500 more per month depending on where you go. We will try to accomodate your housing preference.

Will the housing have towels, sheets, cooking equipment etc?
Typically the room will be fully furnished. We will advise you if you need to bring any of the basics, We suggest you bring your own pillow.

Is there a checklist you send out for packing?
If you are doing a marine program or field program yes we will send out a checklist. Otherwise, we do not have a formal checklist as it is up to you what you want to bring. It will be typical city living in most places.

Can I live with other students?
It will depend on your location. If you are a female we will only put you in a house that has at least one female in it and will get your feedback on the place before we put you there.

How many hours per week will I work?
Typically we ask employers for 25-35 hours a week. If you want to do more or less hours usually you can choose. 10-40 hours would be the acceptable range.

I want to explore different places. Will I have time off to do that?
Yes. You can determine choose your hours and may be able to schedule some time off depending on the internship if you want to do some traveling. Just email the employer before you arrive if you know your schedule.

What is the difference between an ordinary internship, custom internship, and Intern Around the World placement?
Standard internships are ones that we have had students go through before. Custom internships are hosts we have to locate for you. Intern Around the World you choose two or more countries and we set up the programs for you. Internships are charged individually depending on where and how long you go. See pricing page.

My school requires me to have a supervisor fill out forms for me. Can they do that?
Yes. Email the forms to us first. If it is something that we can fill out for you we will do it or will send it to the site advisor.

Are you hiring interns or paid help?
We are not currently hiring for employees at the Institute at present. We have openings for interns to work remotely from their home for us. Please send a resume if interested.

What is the minimum or maximum age?
17 and up. No maximum.

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